Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday Reviews: Secondborn by Amy A. Bartol

Written by Amy A. Bartol (eBook)
Genres: Dystopia, Science Fiction, Young Adult
Page: 321
Rating: 5
of 5 stars
Review by: Tina


On Transition Day, the second child in every family is taken by the government and forced into servitude. Roselle St. Sismode’s eighteenth birthday arrives with harsh realizations: she’s to become a soldier for the Fate of Swords military arm of the Republic during the bloodiest rebellion in history, and her elite firstborn mother is happy to see her go.


This was such a delightful find. It was listed under Goodreads' new August releases and wow am I impressed with this dystopian take. The first chapters pulled me into a tragic society of secondborns, who are disposable, used, and unwanted. Many of the lower class children are sent away by their families to become soldiers at ages 10-18. Roselle, a high society aristocrat, isn't any different. Raised unloved and under the watchful televised eyes of society, she eats when they tell her, sleeps when they tell her, dresses how they want her, and does everything she is told.

It was so heartbreaking to witness her "secondborn" treatment, yet she grew strong and no one can anticipate how much her soldier training prepared her for the brutal violent world she's entering at the age of 18.

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