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Book Blog Tour: Tina Reviews Updrft

Title/Author: Updrift by Errin Stevens
Published November 2nd 2015 by Liquid Silver Books

Genres: Fantasy, Romance, 
Mermaids, Young Adult
Page: 269
Rating: 5 of 5 stars
Review by: Tina


Since her father died, Kate Sweeting’s home life has been in the pits, her well-being on life support. Her future looks desolate until she and her mother, Cara, decides to pack up and move. Now Cara can play small-town librarian and Kate can enjoy the quiet day to day of book reading, gardening, and cooking. But this small town in North Carolina is anything but quiet. There's something going on with the Blake household. No family is that big or full of mystery.

My Thoughts

What a compelling story! The minute I received this book from the author, I began to read it right away.

From the opening paragraph, the story captured my interest completely. The story begins with a little girl out boating with her mother when she was lured into the ocean to play with a little boy. He promises her adventure and to her mother's horror, she thought the little girl had drown. This is how the Sweetings fatefully met the Blakes that day. The two families befriended immediately as Kate Sweeting and her mother moved into the same town.

This book came as a complete surprise. It is unlike any Mer story I've read. Not only is the book really well written but the dialogue is fantastic. I couldn't tear away from the book.

My Review

Updrift is broken into three parts.
Part 1 is the initial meeting of Kate and Gabe as 5 year olds. They become fast friends and spends all their time together up until high school. I curiously waited for Kate to discover Gabe is a Merman (in another term Siren). The author made me wait a very long time. I would have been deliciously happy with Kate's discovery with the book ending at page 150 (part 2). Oh no... the book encompasses more than just fantasy and romance, it tosses in suspense, intrigue, and deceit (part 3). 

What just happened? I thought Mermen are honest good hearted people. It's against their nature to act deceitful, that's a humanistic trait.

I really appreciate how the story captures my interest right from the start. It is unassuming and unique. It brought adventure and intrigue. I love how fantastically the chapters changed from innocence to romance. I felt I walked with Kate and Gabe on their journey into adulthood. What a complete underdog story. I'm in complete awe. Updrift deserves a standing ovation.


Errin Stevens writes paranormal romance from her home in Minnesota, where she lives with her husband and son. When not wrestling with unruly narrative – or reading everything from mythology to contemporary romance to New Adult suspense – you’ll find her swooning over seed catalogs (winter), or digging in the garden (the other three days of the year). Visit the blog for release updates and random essays on writing and mothering.





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  1. Thank you so much for giving my little story such a thoughtful review!

  2. Would love to read this book 😍