Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Tina's March Wrap Up

March Wrap Up

This March, I began a fresh series called the Novel of The Others by Anne Bishop. It's a supernatural story that consists of blood prophets, shapeshifters, wolves, vampires, and other wild animals.

Predators among predators. The Earth natives (terra indigene, the Others) were created and lived on Earth long before the humans (monkeys) were created and settled on the same planet. In order to live peacefully, the Earth natives stretched out on the entire planet, act as land owners, gave humans a small portion of land to dwell as renters. 

Now the humans rise to fight against these horrid beings, not remembering, that the creatures who are their neighbors, their land owners, are buffers against the most powerful creatures ever created, Namid's teeth and claws.

Before the political struggle between terra indigene and humans, there exist a small Courtyard in Lakeside, who opened some of its stores to the humans, in order to learn about them, and be a bridge between species. 


Multi-species living together for the first time in a Courtyard, as friends, using their skills to benefit their community (pack). Never before have the Others seen a pack learning to work together and be in harmony. Other Courtyard packs co-exist with one another but do not trust one another. The Others watch this Courtyard succeed and use them as an example on working with each other and dealing with humans.

Meg falls into the Lakeside Courtyard, seeking protection, and immediately, the terra indigene knew she's not just a simple human. They discover a human species so unlike any they've known. It is Namid's most wondrous and terrible creation, cassandra sangue.

What a fantastic read. Anne Bishop knows how to create a multi-layer world and connect them all so intricately to one being that hold the species together, a childlike sweet innocent known as cassandra sangue, the blood prophet. The scenes are action packed and full of intensity. The story flows in a way that each book has a struggle but there is a bigger movement behind it all. 

I love her focus and dedication to making each of her characters fascinating and impressive. Her childlike main character is sweet and kind. Her villain is the most despicable character ever written. She cleverly brings out both the innocence and violence of world.

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