Monday, November 7, 2016

Shon Review: Quarterback (An Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Sport Romance)

Title / Author: Quarterback (An Alpha Billionaire Bad Boy Romance) (Contemporary New Adult Sport Romance) by Jess Winters
Published: October 12th 2016

Page: 50
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, New Adult
Rating: 2 stars


Being in love with a billionaire is one thing, but falling in love with the quarter back of the Atlantic Bulls whose head coach is your father? That is on a whole other level!

Katie Bersat finds herself in an on and off relationship with Steven Wilson. After her father threatens to enforce a transfer of Steven to a different team after finding out about their relationship, Kate is forced to keep off and let him be. But their attraction goes beyond the physical and she finds herself connecting with him on a whole new level.

Image is important for her and as she carries on with her daily activities she finds herself being drawn back to the arms of her man. This time he proposes to her and wants to make their union not only official but permanent.

Will Kate heed her father’s words and stay away from her bad boy who is “always high on cocaine” as her father says? Or will she roll the dice and choose love above all else?

My Review

I would rather DNF a book than give it a bad review but the author asked us to review the book. I don't know where to start. This wasn't a terrible book but it wasn't a good book.

I really couldn't dream up any kind of feeling for our two main characters. I had the feeling that the author was trying to depict Kate as this strong and confident woman but to me she just came off as a whining child. Steven was nothing more then a line snorting, bed hopping man slut.

Kate and Steven were supposed to be having this secret affair but they're not very good at keeping it a secret. They're caught making out in a women's restroom immediately and of course someone took a photo of them. This upsets many people, especially Kate's father, who happens to be the coach of the football team Steven plays for.

So when our two characters finally decided to meet in private. (This is why I don't like them.)

Spoiler alert!

Kate goes down on him on and in the middle of it, he calls her 'baby' and she stops and gets mad and tells him to call her by her name, baby is what he call his groupies (groupie was not the word used in the story). WTF! So after they have 'relations', his cell phone rings, and it's his girlfriend calling. He answers and tells his girlfriend not to call him because he is spending the night with his soul mate. Then Steven gets down on one knee and asked Kate to marry him but before she says yes, she asked him does this mean he is going to get rid of all of your other female 'friends'. (Friend is not the word use in the book. I'm trying to keep it clean).

I can do with the fact that this story had no beginning but not having an ending WTF! So after their engagement is leaked to the tabloid, a few days passed, and a compromising picture of Steven surfaces. Kate runs home and asked him about the photo. They talk and realize that on the night that the photo was allegedly taken they were together.

Steven asks Kate to go to Vegas to get married. She wants a wedding dress, bridesmaid, and a wedding cake. And he asked her don't you want me? How come I'm not on your list and she replies I already have you. They kiss. The end. I don't mean the end of my review but the end of the story literally. WTF! 


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