Monday, February 13, 2017

Contemporary Reviews 2 by Tina

Hello all! In keeping true to my Bookish/Blog Goals of 2017, I am reading a few more contemporary novels this month and learning to love the genre.  

If you haven't visited my first Contemporary Reviews, please come check it out. Hope you find something that will suit your taste.

This came highly recommended by Shon. I was curious and wanted to try a Jenny Han book. The novels are sweet with a touch of innocence. Unlike Shon, I enjoyed book 2 a lot more than book 1. By then, her love relationship is established and she goes through various trials to determine whether her love is true or temporary. West - another first. I find her dry humor and sarcasm refreshing. She has a way of brightening the mood and setting a light tone to the story. It makes one happy to read her books.

P.S. I Like You is a really sweet and funny book. I enjoyed the antagonism and character conflict. Plus there's a sweet twist so that's a gold star in my book.

The Distance Between Us completely exceeded my expectation. It contained humor and realism; the sarcasm has me laughing and the plot line was original. I'm so glad the protagonist was not the bubbly heart filled eyes girl seeking love and her Disney prince. She knows where she came from, her expectations, and her options. I liked how the story went in an unexpected direction.

Do you have a contemporary book you'd like to recommend me? Have you read some of these books or are thinking about reading them? Let me know your thoughts.

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