Monday, February 20, 2017

Contemporary Reviews 3 by Tina

Hello all! This is my third update on my Bookish/Blog Goals of 2017. I dare say I didn't see myself as an avid contemporary reader and I've quite enjoyed this experience. Are you discovering new reads you didn't think you'd like as well?

Here are my thoughts:

I resisted reading this novel... for a long time. I knew reading a Colleen Hoover book would entail an emotional roller coaster ride and I prepared myself for a story of tears and heartache. The first 150 pages I did good. Actually, I couldn't believe my eyes at the sweetness and perfect relationship of Lily and Ryle. So that made me grip the edge of my seats in deathly fear. And then... completely out of the blue, the defective human disorder appears. Despite my reaction to Ryle's unlikely behavior, I enjoyed the book immensely. I can see Lily loving both Ryle and Atlas. It took me until the Acknowledgement before I realized why this book was written. Truly, I don't find how a person can "lose their mind" in moments of violence believable or if it's an actually disorder, but I understand why she wrote it. I feel deeply bad for anyone who has experienced such moments described in this book.

I'm sad to say this one is a let down. The story is light good-nature Christmas tale that featured bullying and human kindness. I see the struggles but didn't feel them.

This is a book Shon strongly suggested I read. I can see why she enjoys it so much. It is a cute story about a girl who suffers an extreme form of ptsd where she believes she creates bad luck to those around her. She struggles through challenges she sets for herself to improve her mental health. 

Have you checked our first Contemporary Reviews page or second Contemporary Reviews page? Let me know your thoughts.

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