Monday, September 2, 2019

Tangled 'N' Books October 2019 Readathon

It's Labor Day (here in the US), Bookworms! Which means, we can reveal the October Readathon!! For these who are new to readathon. A readathon is essentially an event where we have different book challenges and we also do some other fun challenges and events throughout the week! It's a ton of fun!

We will be hosting the Changing Of Leaves Readathon from October 14th-20th!

There will be 6 reading & 7 photo challenges. For each challenge, you simply need to read a book & post a photo that applies to that challenge. 

We will be hosting reading sprints (where we all read as much as we can during a specific time frame) on our Twitter page during the challenge . These are a ton of fun and a great chance to up your reading for the day! We will likely host these in the evenings on weekdays and various times throughout the day on weekends!

There are 6 book challenges for this readathon. You can have 1 book count for as many challenges as you want and you can read the books in any order you want. 

  1. A Scary book
  2. A book with a Autumn colored cover
  3. A book published in Autumn
  4. A second book in a series
  5. A book with a number in the title
  6. 2019 new release

These are the photo challenges! You can share your phots on social media with the hashtag #tb2k19challenge

  1. Day1: TBR Stack - a photo of all the books you plan to read during the readathon
  2. Day 2: Seasonal Book Stack - a photo of a book outside
  3. Day 3: Spooky Vibes - a spooky photo featuring a book. 
  4. Day 4: Book Series - a photo of a book series
  5. Day 5: National Chocolate Cupcake Day (book + cupcake)
  6. Day 6: Green Books - a photo of green books
  7. Day 7: Book and Planner - a photo of how you planned for the readathon week. It can be your planner, a list pad, a spreadsheet, whatever.