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Tangled ‘N’ Books blog was created on September 2015 by three friends, Wendy, Tina and Shon. After spending many months checking out other book blogs and vlogs we decided it was time that we created our own.

Hey! I'm Wendy

Just a 25 soon to be 26 years old girl who loves books & that includes smelling them & admiring them on bookshelves | coffee & tea addict | professional car karaokeist | dog lover | avid movie & TV watcher// Cali, LA.

Favorite Books

  • Vampire Academy series
  • Twilight
  • The Hunger Games

My name is Tina.

Grew up in sunny California and love all things arts - cooking, baking, sewing, and DIY!

I've had a fondness for reading for as long as I can remember. I enjoy the exuberant feeling of getting lost in an epic series. I select my books based on a strong protagonist, primarily a self-sufficient woman who is both emotionally and intellectually independent.

My favorite genre is dystopian. I'm not too fond of contemporary since it takes away the senses. A book needs to inspire and awe me in order to capture my interest.

Facts about me:

1. Fav series in order: Daughter of Smoke and Bones, A Throne of Glass, Shatter Me, Mistborn
2. Fav genre: Dystopian, Historical Romance, and Time Travel
3. Fav authors: Orson Scott Card, L.J. Smith, Laini Taylor, Sarah J. Maas, Lois Lowry

Hi, I’m Shon.

I love to eat, watch TV/movies and read books. Also, I make and sell jewelry. But mostly I just eat, watch TV/movies, read books and drink way too much coffee.

Fact about me:

  • Favorite books: Harry Potter series, Vampire Academy series, Catching Fire, Divergent and The Winner's Trilogy.
  • Favorite genres to read: Comic, Crime/Detective, Fantasy, Manga, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller and Young Adult
  • Favorite movies: Star Wars saga, Harry Potter series, The Avengers series (include all the stand alone movies & TV shows in MCU) and The Thin Man collection.

If you would like to know more about us or if you have any questions or comments email us at tanglednbooks@gmail.com. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook.

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