Monday, December 5, 2016

Manic Monday #2: US v. UK Cover

 Manic Monday. . .

Hello bookworms. It's Monday again. So many people are always talking about US v. UK covers. But for some reason you never hear anyone talk about covers from other countries. So here are some of my favorite book covers that are not from US or UK covers. 

1. The AU cover of The Hunger Games Trilogy (Luxury Edition).  I was fortunate enough to have a co-worker go to Australia for vacation and was kind enough to stop at the bookstore and bring these back to the US for me.

2. One the reason I like being a Bookstagram, is that you get talk to people all over the world about their love of books. And it was on Instagram that I saw the German covers of the Mortal Instrument series.

3. The German cover of The Hunger Games Trilogy. As you can tell I don't like the US cover the The Hunger Games Trilogy.

4. The Italy cover of The Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas. Not a fan of the series but, I love these covers.



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