Friday, July 1, 2016

The Friday Five


A Small Pouch For Storage- I bought this cute Alice in Wonderland pouch from a coffee shop in the O.C. and it hasn't left my side since! I store all of my pens, bookmarks, earphones, flash drives, and sticky tabs/notes. All of the necessities to jot down ideas, remember a favorite quote from a book in one pouch! sign me up! 

A Good Bookmark- Just like everyone else I used to fold the pretty pages in my book to hold my place. BUT fear no more bookmarks are here to save the world. Here are some of my favorite bookmarks at the moment. (P.S. Tina made them hehe)

Good Coffee/Tea- I should start by saying I didn't really like Starbucks until recently. I couldn't find MY drink. You know the one you memorize by heart because it's your daily dose of caffeine. Yeah. That one. Until recently I decided to mess around with the ingredients and made MY concoction. Favorite Coffee Beans

Funko Pops-  Because every Instagram picture consists of at least one. Can you blame us instalovers! They are adorable and cute! You can purchase them here. (see told you they are adorable and cute)  

A Subscription Box- The best for last. I swear subscribing to a box filled with bookish things was is best IDEA EVER! With so many options to choose from, I've seen some pretty cool stuff for the right price. Here is one of the many box subscriptions we get. Let us know if you need any subscription box suggestions down in the comments!

Hope you enjoyed 5 Bookish Things. Let us know what 5 things you liked the most on the comments below!


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