Thursday, March 9, 2017

Thursday Thrills 3/9/2017

Wow it feels like I've been on a mini break for a lifetime! But I'm glad to be back and getting into my routines. IDK about you guys but March is a pretty busy month for me. Starting very early in the month I have my birthday and after that the birthdays just keep coming... too many to count. I'm also glad to see the weather warming up a bit and slowly transitioning into spring⚘. With so much going on I decided to do a T.M.I. post. (To Much Info).

My TMI of the week is that I'm facing some serious reading slump! I can't seem to shake it off and I'm finding it rather frustrating. So I decided to change that, I've had enough. Lol 
So incase your in a reading slump, try these few tips. 

1. Disconnect
From it all! Turn your TV off, your laptop, your ipod, and most importantly...your phone! My mind already runs 100 miles so trying to read while checking my likes on Instagram is a huge NO for me. + I get easily distracted. (I think I might have ADD + OCD...its complicated). So Just turn all devices off.

2. Explore Your Options
If you are not satisfied with what you are reading at the moment. PUT IT DOWN. I've made the mistake talking myself out of putting the book down and I just didn't like it once I finished it, not really giving the book a fair chance. So why not explore your bookshelf and find something that will make reading enjoyable again.

3. Change It Up
Maybe its my surroundings? I'm so use to reading in my bedroom, while winding down for bed that I end up falling asleep cuddling my book lol. (TMI?) So I decided to read during my 15min. breaks at work. A few options that I might consider is outside reading, library, and a coffee shop. Spice up your reading ;)

4. Enjoyable
Make sure you are enjoying yourself and the book. Remember reading is for your enjoyment. So ENJOY it.

5. Every step counts 
Do whatever is needed to cast away the dark evil spells of reading slumps. Lol. Even if it is re-reading your favorite book of all times, watching booktubers on YouTube, checking others current reads on goodreads, and taking a mini break. Every step counts.

I hope these tips help anyone in a reading slump, and if you have any cool tips and tricks that helped you. Put them in the comments below so I can try them out for myself :) Help me help you, help you help me.

Happy Thrilly Thursday

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